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Apartment Therapy: New Couch + Bookcases

Project redecoration is in full swing! Now that my closet is perfection, I have turned my attention the second most important room in the house, the living room. Since my condo is a one bedroom, my living room acts as my office and center of entertainment. My old sofa was really more of a love seat that could only accommodate two people. I was also seriously lacking storage, book storage specifically. I was inspired by an image in an old ikea catalogue–they had lined a wall with bookshelves and placed a couch about two feet in front of them (they actually repeat this look quite a bit). When I would describe this idea to other people, they thought I was crazy, but I love the results!

Here is the before:
It certainly isn’t terrible, but it also wasn’t me!
And the after:
I love the results!
Bookshelf styling is the key to this look. Before I got started, I pinned lots of inspiration bookshelves on Pinterest. While I wanted them to be fashionable, I also needed them to be functional (I have a lot of books!). Here is how I achieved the look:
1) Start by placing only the books. Books you need to access regularly should be placed vertically. Books you rarely need can then be stacked horizontally to add visual interest. The key is variety!
2) Then add art. Etsy has an amazing selection of artistic prints. I purchased most of mine from Parima Creative Studio, but I also love Elizabeth Mayville’s shop, Pencil Shavings Studio, and Driftwood Interiors. You can pick a theme or a color scheme to tie the pieces together. I also purchased various sized picture frames (again variety is key) from Ikea and the dollar store and spray painted them gold (some of them I distressed with a rag while they were still wet) before framing the prints. Distribute your prints in between and on top of your arranged books.
3) Next, I added some practical bookends. Again, I need these shelves to function, which means I need to be able to add or subtract books. Weighted book ends allow you to do just that with out having to rearrange. Also try not to fill the enter space, negative space is equally important for both style and function. I am obsessed with these gold Eiffel Tower bookends I purchased from Z Gallery!
4) Finally, I placed vases, candle sticks, and candles in the remaining awkward empty spaces. 
And viola! A gorgeous, yet functional, bookcase!
To complete the room I added pillows I found at Marshalls and curtains from West Elm (oh and the couch was an amazing deal from Rooms To Go!)
My next project is my desk area. Here is a peek at the before:
I have been inspired by this Ikea hack and this DIY wall treatment! Stay tuned for the results!