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Apartment Therapy: SS Print Shop

Over the course of redecorating my apartment, I have discovered my love of printables! Why do I love printables? Well they are easy to create (either you download and print it or it’s printed and sent to you), and all you need to do is frame them. They are by far the most cost effective way to liven up your walls (I mean have you seen the cost of original art?) and personalize your decor. There are so many of these shops on Etsy and have been searching through for weeks trying to decide on my favorite pieces. But today I noticed that the Glitter Guide (love their newsletter) was featuring the SS Print Shop. I started clicking through the images and I knew I just had to visit their online shop. Instantly, I fell in love! I simply must have the following:

Basically my mantra!

Got to represent my love of Italy!
So cute, right? And the best part? They are each only $15! Which ones are you loving?