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New Look: History in High Heels Branding

You might have noticed the new logo yesterday, but today I am so excited to share the new branding for History in High Heels! What do you think?

In my former life (before I went back to grad school to become a historian) I was a graphic designer. I still enjoy it, and it now serves as a fun and creative outlet when the pressures of academia become overwhelming.

My brief time in the corporate world taught me valuable lessons, which I have brought with me to the world of academia (even if they are seldom appreciated). First, everyone needs an identity (and a headshot, but more on that later) whether you are a student or a professional. This can be simple, like a monogram, or as complex as a design campaign. I don’t think branding (or fashioning a unique look for yourself) should be reserved for businesses only. We all need business cards and letterhead, right? We all have social media and an online identity. Why not take it a step further? Now that I have “branded” myself and my website, it’s time to create some fun business cards! Stay tuned!

How do you brand yourself?

PS – you don’t have to be able to draw to incorporate fun graphics and illustrations. There are so many great etsy graphic shops that sell digital files. I made the bow, but purchased the pencil and the glasses (why reinvent the wheel?). Just search graphics or clip art.