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Apartment Therapy: My Little Home Office

Last Friday, I finally made it to Ikea to grab the last pieces I needed to finish my living room and my little home office area. Naturally Ikea is always better with a friend (I find it overwhelming on my own) and of course, the day wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t stop at a little french bakery for cappuccinos and pastries before our long morning at Ikea.

My shopping list consisted of 1 Linnmon table top, 2 Lerberg trestles, 1 pair of the Vittsjö nesting tables, 1 Vittsjö laptop stand, and an assortment of Ribba picture frames. I also picked up some Metrik handles for a little Ikea hacking fun.

The first thing I wanted to do was liven up the wall behind my desk. I saw this amazing Lauren Conrad DIY weeks ago. It was super easy and the results are spectacular. It is a new wall for the price of contact paper and a circle cutter! All I did was cut contact paper into 10″ circles and apply them to the wall (I planned where I wanted to put them with Post-its).

I also wanted to create an inspiration board on the same wall. I ordered a large but inexpensive cork board from Amazon and painted the cheap looking wood gold. Next I simply printed items, pictures, patterns, etc. that inspire me! The Essie and coffee prints I purchased from The Preppy Greek and the LOVE and ciao prints are from M. Kat Safar (both on Etsy).

Before assembling my new Ikea pieces, I spray painted the trestle legs, and metal bases of the nesting tables and laptop table gold. I also spray painted the cabinet handles and super-glued them to the nesting tables to create a Greek key design (I saw this on one of my favorite design blogs, Simple Details). Ikea hacks are everywhere and a great place to get ideas is Pinterest.

Don’t mind me, just the crazy lady spray painting all of her new furniture gold!

Once the paint dried, I styled the desk and TV stand with some of my DIY creations (girls in glasses printable, book covers, wanderlust)!

Ignore the empty Ikea frame, I’m still waiting for one last print to arrive!
I love the greek key detail. I can’t believe they are cabinet handles!

Such a transformation!

Last but not least, I got around to framing and hanging my degrees. Finally, the room feels complete!

Ignore the giant cat tower. I am a bit of a cat lady in training, but look at that face, how can I resist?

So what do you think?