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Jcrew: November Arrivals

If you follow Jcrew on Pinterest, then you have already seen some of their new releases. I was so excited I called my store (who received their new arrivals Monday) and reserved some of the new fancy sweatshirts–with jewel encrusted collars (sigh)–to try on. Have I mentioned how much I love this trend? Thanks to my hectic schedule this week, I knew I couldn’t make it to the store for a couple days and they always run out of smalls (grr)! But Jcrew has amazing customer service and my fabulous personal stylist (Gretta) pulled lots of cute things for me. PS – every one gets a personal stylist lol, but it makes me feel special.

I was camped out at my computer Tuesday night, hoping everything would go up at midnight (#ihaveaproblem). Turns out it does not. I was a little worried their Pinterest pins would amount to a bad preview. You know the ones where the funniest/best parts are the movie are shown. You get all excited, but when it finally comes out, you realize you have already seen the best parts! Well not to worry, once again Jcrew doesn’t disappoint. If I lived in a colder climate, I would have purchased almost every piece (with my imaginary money tree). But since I am a Floridian, I really had to rein myself in (I have made a new rule, only one new wool sweater a year lol).

Pieces I need want:

Love the sea foam green and jeweled neckline! Another fabulous fancy sweatshirt.
Another fancy sweatshirt! This time with red beading.
And another!!! This is going to be such a tough decision. How great is this tuxedo bib detail?

Tweed detailed tee, NEED!

Seriously the most comfortable and flattering skirt I have ever owned and now it comes in so many colors. I am debating between this poppy color and the navy below.

Navy is always a good choice!

Loving the gold stud detail.

How does Jcrew take a simple tee shirt and make it so fabulous? The world will never know!

What I would buy if I lived up North:

More beautiful detailing.

Loving the colors and the zippers. 

I’m mad about plaid flannel! 

And the color combo of this coat is perfection!

And they finally released this dress that I found in the store a couple weeks ago, which, as you already know, I am completely obsessed with!

And bonus, everything is 25% off (when you spend +150)! Which pieces are you crazy about?