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Printable: Little But Fierce

8″ X 10″ print

I don’t really think of myself as little, or fierce for that matter. It doesn’t matter who I am interacting with, I never feel small. But the reality is I am (I am barely 5’1″)! I guess it is the fact that I rarely notice my stature that makes others perceive me as fierce. I definitely am not afraid to back down from a challenge or voice my opinion.

I recently learned that my nickname around the office is “il Duce.” Which, you may or may not know, was Mussolini’s nickname (of course they mean this in a purely funny way, it is not meant to be derogatory). And apparently this saying has been assigned to me as my mantra. I think it is such a great saying (it is from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream)! So, I made this cute printable to display with pride in my office!

Enjoy the print and may you also be fierce in the pursuit of your dreams!

PS – Speaking of my small size, I have always loved the Jcrew Bubble necklace, but it is so overwhelming on me (literally comes to my waist lol)! But the other day in Jcrew, the little girls Bubble necklace was hanging by the register and it was on sale. As a joke I tried it on, but the joke was on me because it was super cute!

I think I can get away with it, what do you think?