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Taking the Plunge

Last weekend I drove to Orlando to visit the family for my little sis’s seventeenth birthday party (technically my cousin). I created a cute print of my favorite saying “boys make passes at girls in glasses” for her birthday present (she also wears glasses and she is gorgeous)! Everybody loved the print and just before the other guests arrived, she joking propped the picture up with a note that read “14.99 + shipping.”

Suddenly the conversation turned to “why don’t you sell the things you create on Etsy?” My brother (also technically my cousin), who will probably run this country one day, immediately starting putting together a business plan. I was still entertaining the idea on my drive home, so I mentioned it on a whim in my loving lately post Saturday. I couldn’t believe the response I got! So many emails encouraging me to go for it!

As I continued to waffle (worried about time commitments and if people would even want to buy what I create) I decided to just start jotting down my thoughts. In just a few hours I had sketched some thirty ideas, I guess I didn’t realize how much I missed being creative!
So I decided to go for it and open History in High Heels’ Preppy Printshop! There are plenty of shops who offer beautiful prints and illustrations. But I want to offer inexpensive instant digital downloads, which make creating gallery walls and decorating easier and more affordable! I also want to offer curated gallery wall sets. The hardest part about creating a gallery wall is finding prints that work together and the frames to fit them. So, I will also be offering many of my prints in the non-standard Ikea frame dimensions for easy and affordable framing!
I am still working on uploading everything and I am hoping my shop will go live tomorrow. But here is a sneak peek of what I have been creating (sorry about the watermarks, one can never been too careful):

So, what do you think?