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30 X 30: Reflection

I had so much fun doing this challenge! It really pushed me to shop my closet and to wear the pieces I already owned in new and interesting ways. In fact, I think my most successful looks were the ones where I mixed patterns and added unexpected pops of color!

My favorite!
For years my go-to look was a dress. I loved that with one piece I had an instant and easy to put together outfit. However, this challenge has really taught me to play around with separates. And I have realized I need more separates in my life!
These pieces were the challenge’s MVPs. Items I need to invest more in.
I hope Lilly comes out with this top again (in new fun prints of course) because I will definitely be scooping it up once more — I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth. I can’t believe how much it goes with!
These J. Crew silk boy shirts went unloved in my closet for a while. But the challenge forced me to wear them, specifically layer them. I usually steer clear of button downs. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of layering them, but I am busty. So not only do button downs tend to gape, but I don’t really need the extra bulk on top. What I liked about these button downs is that the silky fabric gives it more of a drape (so no gaping) and less bulk when layered under a sweater or blazer. This one and this one are currently on sale… need!
My plaid school boy blazer became my best friend during the challenge. I literally negotiated with myself how often I could get away with wearing it. I felt like it matched everything! I definitely need another in my life and I am loving this one!
Finally this skirt! I knew I loved it going into the challenge. It is so easy and flattering to wear, plus the color is gorgeous. Naturally, I have already purchased the poppy red version.
Of course, I wore the crap out of my TB ballet flats over the course of the challenge, but that was really nothing new.
My final lesson of the challenge was the importance of accessorizing. As I have mentioned before, I am not the best at wearing jewelry, but I really got into statement necklaces over the course of the challenge. 
I really didn’t know what to do with myself this morning. Having the pick of my closet felt overwhelming! Too soon to start another 30 X 30 challenge lol?