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Packing: A Long Weekend in North Carolina

Thursday I am heading to North Carolina to see my mom. And I am so excited for cooler weather! I wish I was going for more than four days, so I could wear even more sweaters, scarves, boots, and puffer vests! We are doing all things Fall – holiday fairs, looking at leaves (I guess that’s a thing), sipping cocoa, fires in the fireplace, etc. It’s been hard not to over-pack, but here is what I am planning on wearing:
As I’m posting this picture, I realize I am basically a walking J.Crew advertisement (oops).
I am most excited to break out my Cocoon Coat, Navy Riding Boots, Herringbone Puffer Vest (sold out, but I also love this one and this one), Pocket Tunic (also sold out), and Ruffle Collar Sweatshirt!
The weather report is mixed, so I am trying to bring a little bit of variety, since I really don’t know how cold I am going to be.
I feel like I am cheating, but this wardrobe break could not have come at a better time. I still have eight days left in my 30 X 30 Challenge and I have to admit, I am so tired of those 30 pieces of clothing! Hopefully this break will reinvigorate me and I can be even more creative with my final looks.

What are your favorite fall/winter activities?