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Barbados or Bust!

So today is the day! I am packing up and heading to Barbados to visit “my person!” Well technically I am driving to Atlanta to drop my kitty off with my godfather, and then I am off to Barbados super early tomorrow morning.

I can’t wait to sip rum out of coconuts, layout on the pink sand beach, play with monkeys, visit a historic plantation, snorkel with sea turtles (I have a slight snorkel fear, I’ll let you know how it goes), hike the amazing terrain, run the hash (I’ll explain that one later), and dance the night away, but most of all, spend quality time with my bestie!

I won’t be able to blog daily over the next two weeks, but I have a some posts planned and I will definitely be posting like crazy on instagram. So be sure to follow me there if you want daily updates!

I promise to blog when I can, but I will recap everything when I return!

Until then!