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DIY: Paper Bows

I love wrapping with paper bows. Not only does it save you a ton of money, I think paper bows are so much cuter than the usual cheap-looking metallic bows. I make mine out of the wrapping paper I am using so they coordinate, but you can certainly make them out of a stiffer paper if you like. Obviously, the high quality the wrapping paper, the better they turn out (I really struggled with the dollar store wrapping paper, it was very flimsy and hard to cut).

Simply print the templates, trace on the reverse side of the paper you want to use, cut out, and glue (you can also tape)… And voila, adorable bows!
Here are the templates. The first bow has two parts. The ribbon part (with the tail) goes underneath the bow and the tail wraps around the center. The template includes 4 descending sizes to create a cute Christmas tree shape (first picture).

The second template is a simpler bow (this is the one I used on the deer silhouette). This bow has only one part (the template includes two identical bows). For my next wrapping project, I want to make a ton of these and place them all over the gift, just like my favorite new J.Crew sweater (swoon).

The final bow is more traditional but still adorable and easy to create!