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Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts

So you may or may not have realized that today marks five days until Christmas! I am sure most of you finished your shopping weeks ago, but some of us have been distracted by tropical islands, school, work, etc.

But don’t worry, just because the window for online ordering and shipping has closed, there aren’t still plenty of last minute gift options! I think the key to last minute gifts is not trying to hide the fact they were convenient or last minute (I mean we are all human, and trust me they know) but that they are useful gifts people will appreciate and use.

Coffee Gift Sets
Since there are Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts everywhere, it is super easy to pop into a local store and put together a little coffee gift set. Starbucks always has the cutest mugs and you can pair them with a gift card or a pound of coffee. Dunkin also stocks mugs and tumblers as well as delicious coffee. Plus if you use Dunkin’s new ap, you can gift a digital gift card from the comfort of your home!
Harry and David gift towers are perfect for last minute gifts because you won’t have to fight holiday traffic. Simply order from home and it’s delivered directly to the recipient. Plus it’s delicious!
Just purchase, print, and frame and you have created a great gift in just a matter of minutes!
Books make great last minute gifts, plus you can also gift Kindle books straight to their tablet or mobile device.
Mani/Pedi Set
Target has everything you need to throw together a last minute manicure or pedicure set. Bonus, you can add a cute personal touch with this free printable gift tag!
I know very few people who don’t like receiving wine! And if you put it in a Christmas stocking, it is instantly festive!
Cookie or Hot Chocolate Jars
There are lots of cute ideas for recipes in mason jars, but I love the cookie and hot chocolate versions. They are personal, cute, and festive. They are also inexpensive and easy to put together at the last minute!
I don’t know why so many people think gift cards are impersonal. I personally love receiving them. You can make them more personal by tailoring them to somebody’s personality. For example, I am obsessed with Dunkin Donuts (could you tell?) and I think it’s really thoughtful when people give me DD gift cards (which can also be personalized with a personal photo!).
Magazine Subscription
Magazines are great gifts because they are something people love, but are rarely ready to spend money on (well at least that’s how I feel). Plus now you can gift electronic subscriptions for their iPad or tablet.
Since I have been in Barbados for the last two weeks, I feel incredibly overwhelmed when I think about Christmas and everything I need to do before then! I am flying home today and will have to hit the ground running, but it was an amazing two weeks and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!