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Running Gear

Ok so as I mentioned last week, week two of my marathon training stunk. And this week isn’t off to the best start since I’m sick! Fortunately I have time to call that week (and maybe this week) a mulligan(s) and start anew. No matter what, I am determined to get back on track!

Marathon training (even a half) requires careful training and the proper gear. My friend Courtney (a.k.a the crazy triathlete) has been instrumental in helping me prepare (check out her blog here). Running 3 to 4 miles, while by no means easy, doesn’t require much forethought. But a run over 5 miles (or over an hour) does. You need to think about gear, water, and nutrition.

As far as gear goes, I like to run with music, which means I need a way to carry my iPhone (it also tracks my mileage and pace). Courtney suggested a SPI belt, which was great for short runs, but I also wanted something that could hold water. I found this running belt on Amazon and can’t wait for it to arrive. I also ordered these headphones. For some reason earbuds do not stay in my ears (so frustrating).

I have come to the conclusion that while running shorts are cuter, they drive me crazy when I run (all of the ridding up!). So I am going to invest in some quality running crops. I love these, plus they are reversible!

Finally, per Courtney’s advice, I need to start playing around with nutrition. There are tons of gels, drinks, and bite-sized snacks out there, and honestly I have no clue where to start! Courtney suggested I get a variety and start trying them on my longer runs. Any suggestions? All recommendations are appreciated!

Still on my list to figure out, the right (quality) shoes (I am going to a running store to check my pronation), and a sports bra that doesn’t chafe! Again, suggestions are appreciated!