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Spring/Summer Wish List

I know what you are thinking, winter has barely begun, the holidays are barely over, and I am thinking about my spring and summer wardrobe. Well the reality is that spring and summer arrive early to Florida and the day this semester ends I will be jetting off to Italy (#lifeishard). So, I like to think about and plan for the pieces I want to add (or dream about adding) to my wardrobe.
Obviously you know about my navy obsession, but this year I want to incorporate a little red. I was inspired by the gorgeous red packable Hunter Boots I have been drooling over (May in Italy can be rainy). Keeping a color palette is essential for easy packing and making my wardrobe more function when traveling. 
I also like to start a Pinterest board, which lets me see how everything I like works together. It also helps you eliminate extraneous pieces and anything you might be missing. Does anyone else plan their wardrobe like this?
My Wish List (as of right now):
J.Crew popovers (1 // 2)
these shirts are so comfortable and versatile!
shorts (1 // 2)
loved my last one so much I literally wore holes in it!
jelly sandals (1 // 2)
jelly sandals stand up better against cobblestone 
new sunnies (mine are almost falling apart)
cross-body bag or Longchamp medium tote
And I always like to get one luxury statement item (1 // 2 // 3)
Anyone else thinking about Spring yet?