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13.1: Half Marathon Training Update

Truthfully, the start of my half marathon training has run hot and cold.

Week One: I was off to a fabulous start. I ran everyday I was supposed to and I naively thought, “well this isn’t too bad!”

Week Two: Life happened. I found myself insanely busy and struggling to make time to run.

Week Three: Illness benches me. As if my second week wasn’t rocky enough, I caught a cold and couldn’t run for a solid week.

Week Four: I am back with a vengeance… well kind of. This week I completed my first successful long run! It may not seem like much, but I ran five miles non stop, and with relative ease. This is the farthest I have ever really pushed myself to run. And even better, for the first time (ever) I passed another runner on Bayshore! For those of you who don’t know “Bayshore” it is a very long sidewalk (more than 7 miles) that runs along Tampa Bay and makes the perfect running spot (especially when the dolphins are playful). But it also attracts a lot of serious runners and I am often intimidated by everyone (and I mean everyone… even pregnant women) who fly by me. So passing someone, anyone, is a huge feat lol.

My next long run was supposed to be tomorrow, but of course life isn’t cooperating. I have to cover a class for a colleague, but I am hoping to run 6 miles Thursday. Wish me luck! Although I just discovered my cat chewed through my headphones. I can only image how boring 6 miles is going to be without music. But no excuses!

I also have to say thanks for everyone’s support here and on my Instagram! It’s always nice to know you are not alone!

I know several of you are also training, how’s your training going? Any tips?