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Fashion Friday: J.Crew New Arrivals + Pinterest Board

Well, I am 11 days into my 30 X 30 challenge, and I want to shop so bad! I do feel a little guilty, however, since some items I ordered before my shopping fast arrived a couple days into the challenge and I got my fix of the “new clothes high.”

While I have resisted the temptation since then, it has been tough (especially since I am super stressed right now)! So I decided to start a new Pinterest board. And every time I have the impulse to buy, I will simply pin it. I actually think this will be a good exercise and it will be interesting to see how many of the items I still really want when I am forced to wait.

Naturally, because J.Crew is out to get me, their new March arrivals are amazing! Here is what I will be pinning:

This lattice medallion print is gorgeous!
I have a minnie pants addiction! 
Does anyone else try to use Pinterest to curb their shopping habit?