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Packing for Europe: Spring Travel Edition

I have to say, I was super surprised at how well received my Packing for Europe Winter Edition was. It is my post poplar post of all time, and by far my most pinned pin and re-blogged blog post! Clearly there is a need for this type of guide, so I thought I should do one for each season. Well, here is my guide for packing for European travel in the spring (which, is only a few weeks away!):
As a transitional season, spring can be tricky to pack for. Weather can run the spectrum from cold and rainy to warm and sunny and you have to be prepared for all of it! The solution is to pack a variety of clothing items–short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, jeans, dresses and skirts–that can be mixed and matched as well as layered to meet the varying and often unpredictable weather conditions.
The Essentials:
  1. Jackets – While you may not need a wool or down coat in the Spring, you will want a lighter coat for cool mornings and a waterproof warmer jacket for cold and wet days.
  2. Puffer Vest – Puffer vests are great for layering and warm enough for an unseasonably cold day.
  3. Shoes – You will want a variety of shoes, one for every type of weather. You can’t go wrong with wellies for rain, sneakers for cooler days, and sandals for warmer sunny days.
  4. Tights – Tights are perfect for making any outfit warmer. They also fit in your bag so you can take them off when the day warms and put them back on for cooler evenings. I often do this in London.
  5. Scarfs – Scarfs are great for warmth and style. They can transform even the simplest of outfits! But for spring I would go for silk or cotton rather than wool.
  6. Umbrella – I never travel without a pocket umbrella (not matter the season), especially in the spring.

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After packing the essentials, I always suggest focusing on basic pieces. These are usually comfy and flattering pieces that could go with anything. But be sure to vary shirt thickness and sleeve length! 

Finally, add some color, texture, and pattern to diversify your packing wardrobe. If you stick to a couple key colors (here I am using navy and red) you can really make a ton of fabulous outfits for any weather condition spring might throw your way. I could make over 30 outfits from the pieces shown. Don’t believe me? Click here to see all the outfits!

And as always, I suggest wearing your bulkier items on the plane to save space and weight!

Happy spring travels!