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Apartment Therapy: Kitchen + Bath

Last week in my Q + A post, many of you commented that you like my decorating posts (thank you!), and someone asked about my kitchen and bathroom. Well, there were no pictures of my kitchen and bathroom in my apartment tour, because they have received zero decorating attention!

I am definitely planning on redoing both this fall, after I return from Italy (there is no way I’ll have time before I leave… in 28 days… crap!). So I have started looking for inspiration. Let’s face it, the kitchen and bath are the most difficult rooms to decorate. My bathroom especially, since it is tiny. And well, I don’t really use my kitchen…

For tiny bathrooms the shower curtain is really the focal point of the room and the place where you can add the most bang for your buck! Once you choose a shower curtain, it’s easy to select coordinating accessories, towels, and a bathmat.

I found this great striped shower curtain at West Elm, but I am afraid it looks too much like the curtains in my bedroom. Plus, I wanted something with a little more going on.

I thought I wanted to keep with my favorite color combo (pink + navy) and I found these great options (at Cafe Press no less):

But then I discovered that you can design your own shower curtain at Cafe Press! Call me crazy, but I am loving this:

What do you think? Love it or hate it? Talk about a statement piece! I am imagining some great blue and coral accessories (so much for the navy and pink combo lol).
Happy Hump Day!