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New Series – Florence Guide: Moyo

I am constantly receiving emails from friends, friends of friends, readers, etc. who are traveling to Italy and asking for advice and recommendations. I love offering advice, but I always struggle to create a list of restaurant recommendations from memory. Sure, I can give the obvious recommendations, but I would love to have a place where I can send people that has a variety of reviews and suggestions on things to do and places to eat in Florence (as well as other important cities in Italy). So I have decided to create a new series of posts, my “Florence Guide.”
Full disclosure, I am completely stealing this idea from Mackenzie, of Design Darling, who routinely posts on places of interest in New York City. I love her posts on New York so much, I decided to replicate it for Florence! Now, instead of stumbling on the spot for recommendations, there will be a tab on the menu bar above. Just click it to see all of my posts about what to do, see, and eat in Florence!
Of course, I should have started this series at the beginning of the summer, but I was so busy with students, conferences, and research. Even though I only having three weeks left, I thought it would still be worthwhile to start now. Fortunately, I can continue the series when I return to Florence in January.
What – Sunday Brunch at Moyo
Where – Via dei Benci, 23 (near Santa Croce)
When – Every Sunday from Noon to 5
With – My Partner in Brunch, Anna

Wearing – My Summer Essentials – Lilly Tunic, Pink Scalloped Shorts, Striped Espadrilles, and my Panama Hat

Why – Because it is the best American-style breakfast in Florence (where breakfast is hard to come by)! My personal favorites, the fresh squeezed mimosas and delicious eggs benedict.