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Weekend Recap: Reunited

After ten (long) months on a Fulbright research scholarship in Barbados my bestie has finally returned home! So naturally we spent all weekend together making up for lost time.

Thanks to weather delays and lost luggage Britt didn’t arrived home until super late Friday night. But in true Brittany form, she was up and ready to work out bright and early Saturday morning. Have I mentioned how nice it is to have your best friend double as your personal trainer lol? She’s definitely in better shape after ten months in Barbados than I am after three months in Italy!

After a brief workout, we headed to our favorite little french restaurant, Piquant, for some much needed cappuccinos and fancy french salads. Naturally, we worked off our brunch with a bit of shopping (#shoppingismycardio).

That evening I had to share Brittany with her family (not fair), so I spent the evening working on my bathroom. Here is the sneak peek I shared on Instagram in case you missed it:

Stay tuned, I hope to reveal the finish product soon! And don’t forget to follow Shannon of Prep Avenue for the debut of our new line of prints we created for her dorm room gallery wall!

Sunday morning we wanted to do something new and exciting. We had heard of this great outdoor Thai market and decided to find it. I honestly did not expect to find a beautiful Buddhist temple in the middle of Palm River, Florida!

The market was amazing. There were tons of food stalls selling curries, spring rolls, fresh rolls, Pad Thai, and my personal favorite noodle soup. We quickly learned that it gets very crowded and if you don’t want to wait in the thirty minute noodle soup line, get there early!

In addition to freshly prepared Thai food the market also sells fresh flowers and specializes in orchids. If that wasn’t enough reason to go, the property sits on the Palm River and all are welcome to visit the fully-operational Buddhist temple. It really was the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. Although in the future I think we will wait until the weather cools off. It was crazy hot and muggy!

After the market we squeezed in another workout at the YMCA (have I mentioned she’s crazy about working out?) and that evening we broke out the prosecco to officially celebrate her return. There is nothing quite like some much needed girl time with your bestie! So happy to have her back!

What did you do this weekend?