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I feel like the past couple weeks have been a complete whirlwind. I have been running around like a crazy person studying for comps, filling Etsy orders, starting exciting new projects, and completing grant applications, all while trying to eat better and workout more… phew! So I thought I should take a moment and update you on the “goings on.”

top (similar) // sweater (similar) // skirt // monogrammed necklace 

My biggest priorities right now are my comps prep (a.k.a comprehensive exams… a.k.a. a torturous right of passage) and my research grant applications. This comprehensive exam is my last major step before I transition to focusing solely on writing “the dissertation.” After I (hopefully) pass this 3-day written exam, I will return to Italy to continue researching. That’s where the grant proposals come in. I am applying to extend my stay in Italy so I can have the time I need to research extensively and write, write, write! No pressure, just the future of my career dangling on whether or not an anonymous committee selects my application from a huge pile of other incredible applicants (you can read more about how to craft a successful personal statement here)! But all I can do is present my work and hope for the best (fingers crossed)!

denim jacket // tee  // pants (on sale!) // sandals

In addition to school work, I have been desperately trying to keep up with my Etsy orders (not complaining, I am SO grateful!) while also trying to come up with some new prints! Fortunately my latest kitchen project and recent clothing purchases have inspired me. Expect lots of gingham, leopard, and pink, as well as some fun fashion illustrations in the next release! And don’t forget, I love to see what you do with your Preppy Printshop prints. Make sure you hashtag #preppyprintshop and tag me @historyinhighheels on Instagram.

Surprisingly, despite my heavy school load, my workouts have not suffered. But that is really thanks to Britt. Working out and cooking with my bestie has made all of the difference when it comes to sticking to my new healthy routine (I am telling you, don’t go it alone!).

tee // shorts (old) // sandals // bag

I don’t know about you, but I am very excited for the return of TV this week. I have definitely OD-ed on Netflix binge-watching, but it has been a fun month of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (#nojudgement). The shows I am looking forward to the most are The Mindy Project, The Blacklist, Scandal, Big Bang Theory, and New Girl. What shows are you excited to watch?

In just a couple of weeks I have to go to the Italian consulate in Miami to apply for my Visa for the spring. Since I have to go, I figured why not make it a mini vacation? Britt and I have booked an adorable boutique hotel and we are looking forward to a fun long weekend soaking up all the sun, surf, nightlife, and great food Miami has to offer. But mostly I am excited for the Cuban coffee!

In other big news (well kind of), I was so excited to discover on Sunday that Buzzfeed featured my Ikea barcark hack! It was pretty exciting to see my post as I scrolled through Buzzfeed! You can check out the article, which is full of great Ikea hacks, here.

Thanks for checking in!