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Outfit: Blanket Scarf

It’s about that time of the year when Floridians get really antsy for fall. Any cool breeze will send us running for scarves, boots, and sweaters. Mornings this week have been delightfully cool and I have been dying to wear the Zara blanket scarf I purchased over a month ago! So I headed outside to snap some pics… 10 minutes later, I was sweating my buns off! Oh well, at least I got a chance to style it (and I know it’s warm!). I love these scarves and while they are wildly impractical for Florida, it will be perfect for Italy and traveling this winter. 

My favorite way to tie these scarves is to take them and fold them into a triangle. Then position the triangle in front of you and wrap the ends around the back of your neck and bring them forward. Then I do what is called the pretzel, take the end in your right hand and loop it under the triangle portion, then thread the end in your left hand through the loop you created (this piece will then poke out the top and lay on top of the triangle portion). If this doesn’t make sense you can see a youtube tutorial here.
What’s your favorite fall accessory?
PS – Happy Halloween!