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Weekend Freebie: DIY Press for Prosecco

How great is my new “press for prosecco” button? I love it! Obviously it is a play on the “press for champagne” button I’ve seen making the rounds on Tumblr and Pinterest. But I decided instead of buying it, it would be more fun to recreate the button with my own personal touch – because I’m sorry, but prosecco is way better than champagne! I wanted to share how easy this was to create and even provide you with the print (at the bottom of the post). Here we go!
What you will need (I linked what I used): 

You could easily substitute a frame for the wood pieces, just ditch the glass.
Apply an even coat of gold spray paint to your frame (and two coats never hurt). While that dries, print the “press for prosecco” print below (or make your own version) and secure to the wood backing (or if you are using a frame, secure to the back of the frame). I did this by applying an even coat of Mod Podge to the wood backing and gently  laying the print on top.
Smooth the paper and carefully wrap the edges around the wood backing. I do not recommend applying a layer of Mod Podge on top of the print, especially if you are using an inkjet printer, because it could smear the ink and/or tear the paper.

Next, simply glue your frame on top of the print and then glue your bell in the center. I mean really, so easy! If only it actually summoned prosecco… oh well, c’est la vie!

I think every home needs a prosecco button. Happy crafting and if you do make your own button make sure you share it and tag me (@historyinhighheels) on Instagram. I’d love to see it and share it!
Buon weekend!
PS – If you are curious about the bar cart, you can find those DIY directions here.