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Climbing Out From Under My Comps Rock + Monday Reading

I had every intention of publishing this link roundup over the weekend, but after my comps Friday, my brain was mush. And well, I really didn’t feel like doing much for most of the weekend. I feel like I have been living under a rock for the past two weeks. Everything in my life was put on hold (you should see my inbox) as I prepped for my exams. It was necessary, but now I feel like I have so much to catch up on!

I finished my last exam on Friday. Unfortunately, I also had a grant proposal that was put on hold for comps. Immediately following my last exam, I got to work on finishing my proposal (#nofun). So it didn’t really sink in that I was done right away. Saturday morning, however, was a different story. I woke up feeling liberated! I was so pumped I made it to my favorite morning workout class (Les Mills Body Attack) and then treated myself to extra large Dunkin Donuts coffee and lots of R&R.

That afternoon Britt and I took some blog photos and then headed to Sephora to do a little birthday shopping for Britt. She recently decided she wanted to up her lipstick game. Britt is one of those naturally pretty women who doesn’t have to wear makeup, so she has never really gotten into it. But after borrowing my favorite red Chanel lipstick (#19 Gabrielle), she realized how great an amazing red lip can make you feel and decided she needed her own arsenal. Her first mistake was bringing me along. I am a major makeup junkie, so lipstick shopping turned into a full makeover. That evening my committee members/advisors put together a dinner to celebrate Britt’s birthday and my completion of comps. It was a really fun evening full of wine, great food, and lots of birthday cake.

Sunday morning was filled with more relaxing, more Dunkin, and one more workout class. That evening I slowly started to catch up on life – cleaning, answering emails, laundry (so much laundry), and grocery shopping. It will probably take me all week, but I’ll get there slowly but surely. I have also neglected the Preppy Printshop and I am hoping to have some new prints (including holiday prints) out this week!

And, because it’s better late than never, here is some Monday reading for you!

These plaid pants (pictured above) are everything! And perfect for the holidays. Also these are a great, less-expensive alternative.

I am sure you know that a student, or teacher, ID will always get you a 15% discount at J.Crew and Kate Spade, but this article reveals 52 more things you can score with a student ID.

The perfect cape for short, curvy girls.

Simplify your life by tossing these 20+ items you can live without.

Fashion Sudoku anyone? I love this idea, especially for packing.

I’ve been really into the idea of a capsule wardrobe lately, especially as I begin to think about packing for seven months in Italy. This is a great (and free!) worksheet for planning a capsule wardrobe.

My new favorite hair accessory.

Oh Tina Fey, I love you! This is spot on.

New holiday arrivals at J.Crew! I fell in love with these wool pants (size down). So comfy and flattering and that red color… divine!

How cute is this mini handbag?

Spring beauty preview – a bold brow, bright lips, and a messy bun. This I can do!

And in case you missed it, the week before last I shared some of my tips and tricks for taking your own blogging photos that look professional(ish).