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Weekend Reading

I honestly cannot believe that this week is Christmas! Fortunately, I have already finished all of my shopping, I just need to wrap everything (thank goodness for Amazon Prime). Later this week I am heading to Orlando, but this weekend I have plans to just relax and enjoy the semester being over! Here is some weekend to help you enjoy your weekend:

How funny is this Instagram apocalypse? People are really freaking out over it. I lost 50-or-so followers (you will be missed spambots), but I think it’s funny to see how upset people are and how many people buy followers! I would rather spend my money on clothes, but to each their own.

I’ve been living in this jacket and this hair.

I ordered this sweater for my winter travels (currently 30% off), and I am a little too excited about it! You can also follow my packing trials and tribulations here.

Have you been following the Sony North Korea hack? Craziness! This article really makes you think.

My new favorite purse for travel.

This has definitely been a heavy news week. In addition to North Korea hacking Sony, we’ve ended our embargo with Cuba! But why now? What has changed? This article offers some interesting insights.

How New Years is celebrated around Europe.

Great styling tips for short girls.

So many people are sick right now (I am finally better), I guess it is that time of year. This is a great article about what is in cold medicines and what you really need.

If you ask me oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are the most underrated cookie. I can’t wait to try these over the holiday.

A gorgeous holiday lip.

Speaking of holiday style, this little lace dress is perfect for the holidays. I love that it can be dressed up for the holidays or down with black tights and boots for the winter.

I’m obsessed with these macaron flannel pjs.

Happy Weekend!