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Packing for 7 Months Abroad: Spring Wardrobe Capsule

Last Monday, I shared my winter capsule and today I am sharing my spring clothing capsule! I’ll be completely honest, I have no intention in sticking to a super strict capsule wardrobe plan where I only wear items in my winter capsule until the end of March and then switch to this capsule in the spring. I fully intend on mixing these as needed. I created these capsules to help me pack less, which they did. Because I plan on mixing, my spring capsule is a bit less developed/cohesive (I really love the winter capsule as a whole) and a bit smaller. 
I think these capsules will integrate nicely and give me lots of clothing variety so I’m prepared for any weather conditions I might encounter. While I admire the minimal Parisian capsule aesthetic, that just isn’t me. But I think what I have packed is a nice blend of function and variety. 

I still can’t believe I have packed for 7 months! I was surprised at just how full my suitcases are with just these two clothing capsules, but then I realized it was the pjs, underwear, workout clothes, socks, tights, shoes, purses, and lounge wear for 7 months that really takes up space (not to mention the winter coats, boots, scarves, and sweaters!).

I really appreciate everyone’s feedback throughout this packing process! And I have received a bunch of emails from students who are reading along as they attempt to pack for a semester abroad. I hope this helps!

Bon Voyage!