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Outfit: Patterns at Play

I’ll be honest, I definitely don’t “blend in” in Italy. I like color and pattern and that isn’t going to change. But despite their love of black and voluminous shapes, Italians do appreciate other style aesthetics. They don’t, however, respect the stereotypical “sloppy” and casual American style (but more on that later). 
I used to fear that unless I embraced shapeless, black ensembles I would never fit in here. While my style may not be theirs, they do respect that I have a style and that I put effort into it. It always makes my day when a chic looking Italian woman stops me to compliment or ask about my outfit!

top // puffer // skirt (last seen here) // tights (the best!) // wellies (last seen here)

I am also really enjoying dressing for the cold weather — so many fun layers, so little time! My first week here was gorgeous with chilly temps and blue skies. This week, however, has been gloomy and rainy. My Hunter Tour boots have come in especially handy, and not just in the rain. They are supper warm (I got the shearling inserts) and comfortable for walking around the city. And let me just say, cobblestone in the rain is the worst! It is basically nothing but puddles. I don’t know how people make here without wellies!

This weekend I will be taking my Hunters for their first test drive in the snow. I am headed to Budapest and Vienna and they are predicting very cold temps and snow! I am so excited, this Florida girl rarely gets to experience snow, so it is still fun and exciting for me. I am sure everyone in the northeast will beg to differ.

Photos by: Whisky-Ginger

Hope everyone has a great Monday!