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Outfit: No Shrinking Violets

denim jacket (old, similar) // peplum top // pants // sandals // purse 

Ah, spring has sprung in Florence! And I didn’t realize just how nice it has been until I spent this last week in Berlin, where it was cold and rainy. I am happy to be returning to Florence today where it will be sunny and warm.

I feel like all I have done recently is travel. I ended February in Prague, traveled to Paris, London, and Dublin the following two and a half weeks, and then ended March with 6 days in Berlin. It was an amazing month, but I am tired and ready for a little rest and relaxation in Florence.

I don’t think I have ever really experienced a true spring. In Florida it just goes from cold to hot. So I am trying to learn how to dress for a proper spring — lighter layers and jackets. I couldn’t wait to wear these open-toe nude sandals from Zara. Although, a couple Italian ladies gave me some disapproving looks for wearing sandals so early in the season (a lot of Italian women refuse to show their toes or take off the puffy jackets before May). But I didn’t care, I love everything about this outfit and it was perfect for last Monday’s gorgeous spring weather (I will admit I was a bit cold as the sun set).

My favorite part of this outfit is definitely the flowerpot purse. It is just too adorable! It is colorful, whimsical, and even includes a little idiom, “no shrinking violets.” It is surprisingly spacious, and while it isn’t something I can carry to work or conferences, it’s perfect for a little weekend or weeknight fashion fun!

What is your favorite spring accessory?

PS – You know your bestie and family love you when they send you Kate Spade and J.Crew in Italy.