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Lately in Florence + Exciting News

To say Florence in the spring is beautiful is an understatement. Warm temperatures, blooming flowers everywhere, and clear blue skies have been daily occurrences. And I am loving it. I typically only live in Florence in the summer when it is sticky and hot. So this gorgeous weather is a welcome change. Top on my spring to-do list here in Florence is to have a picnic in the Boboli Gardens. 
Not only has the weather been wonderful, but I’ve also had the luxury of staying in town the past two weekends, which has allowed me to relax and catch up on life. Of course this is all about to change, since this weekend I am headed to Rome for the Spartan Race (a crazy 5k full of obstacles and mud) and the following weekend I am headed to Munich for Spring Fest (I am super excited to wear my dirndl). The weekend after that, I am headed to Amsterdam (I’d love to hear any of your recommendations for Amsterdam)!.
The only season I have not experienced in Florence is the fall. And good news, that is about to change. I recently found out that I will be staying for the fall! This will give me basically a full year of research in Florence. I am so grateful and relieved. Time in the archive is precious and having uninterrupted time is priceless. I will, however, get a little break in August. The archive closes for a couple weeks, so I will take advantage and head state-side to fill up on Dunkin, kitty cuddles, shopping, and time with my friends and family. 

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