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Friends in Florence

I still can’t believe how many bloggers and readers I have had the pleasure to meet in person since arriving in Florence. I really never imagined how many amazing and genuine connections I would make with people through blogging and social media. Although it can take me a while to respond sometimes, I love receiving emails asking for advice on traveling in Italy, a history degree, grad school, or just wanting to meet up (if your questions ever go unanswered, please follow up!).

When I first arrived in Florence I had coffee with Jen, who is now one of my closest friends. Shortly after that I met Emily and Taylor, who are both fellow bloggers and who would meet up with me to take blog photos (or just have a coffee). I toured the city and visited the Palazzo Pitti with Chloe. I also met up with Kathleen for an aperitivo, and then of course there was Vespa riding with Shannon. And finally last week before I left for Amalfi, I had lunch with Brittney and her husband. All amazing individuals who I really enjoyed getting to know in real life!

And then there are the countless others I have had long email/Tumblr/Instagram conversations with. When I started this blog I was selfishly looking for a personal outlet and a place to condition me to write on a daily basis. Never did I imagine it would become such a social and interactive space (or really that anyone would read it). I will admit that I am often overwhelmed with the responsibilities of blogging. I struggle to have time to simply write my posts, much less respond to comments and emails. I promise I read every comment and I appreciate everyone’s patience with my slow response times!

While blogging is definitely a lot of work (and sometimes it receives a bit more of my time than it should), it has become an amazing escape from the stress of researching/grad school and a wonderful tool to connect with fantastic people from all over. Thanks everyone!

And Happy Friday!