Postcards From Paris

Warning Paris picture overload!

Ah Paris, one of my favorite cities. Not only did I get to return to Paris last week, I also got to spend time with family, which was wonderful after being away for six months. This trip was a great mix of old and new. My cousins/siblings (we are technically cousins, but we feel like siblings) had never been to Paris before, so it was nice to show them all of the major sights. But I also had some days to myself where I could sneak away and explore new places.

My family only had five days in Paris so we made the most of it, making sure they saw all of the major stuff — Versailles, Louvre, Musee D’Orsay, Eiffel Tower, Paris Opera, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, Laduree (naturally this belongs on this list), Notre Dame, and the Tuileries. Of course, there was so much more I wanted to show them, but with only five four days, we had to prioritize.

Unlike me, my family loves Disney. So they also wanted to reserve a day to visit Disney Paris. I decided to stay behind and have a day of just wandering the city. I visited my favorite cafes and stores (hello, Repetto), took tons of pictures of doors, and was even able to meet up with Shannon! I just adore her and think it is so serendipitous that we have been able to connect twice now overseas.

I had another day and a half to myself after my family left, which I used to visit a couple new places, take more door pics, and try some new cafes. I was also able to meet up with Ashley of the fabulous blog Quaintrelle. If you don’t follow Ashley, you should! She is living in Paris and traveling around Europe for the next six months… so jealous!

Despite the mixed weather — we had some surprisingly grey and chilly days for June — it was a great trip. I am always happy to have an excuse to go to Paris!

What is your favorite thing about Paris?

8 thoughts on “Postcards From Paris”

  1. Love all the Paris snapshots and I love Laduree, too. I have only been to the locations in NYC, though. You must have a lot of boxes now 😛 I love to collect them. Also, thank you for introducing Quaintrelle. Her blog is just what I needed–I'm so excited to find another blog for inspiration!

  2. Aw you make me miss Paris! I have only been the one time for a few days with my then-boyfriend, now-husband but it is truly such a magical city! Sounds like yours was the perfect balance of time by yourself and time with others too.

    xo Mary-Katherine
    gold-hatted lover

  3. Paris is such fun! I love the architecture and all the adorable cafes throughout the city. I grew up in Belgium and moved back to the states a little before middle school, so seeing photos like this makes me really nostalgic!

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