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Where to Stay in Rome

D.O.M Hotel, Rome

Finding comfortable accommodations in Rome at a reasonable price is a daunting task. Like Paris, you are going to pay an arm and a leg for even the most basic amenities, and don’t even get me started on the size of the rooms. For years I roughed it, but staying in a tiny hotel room with no air conditioning at the peek of summer in Rome is no bueno.

After discovering this secret gem in Paris, I started hunting for something similar in Rome. I have realized that boutique hotels are exactly what I am looking for. They are smaller, less expressive, but still pack a lot of personality and the basic amenities I am looking for. I’ve recently found a couple great ones in Rome that I thought I would share.

Two weeks ago in Rome, I stayed in the adorable L’antica Locanda Dell’Orso. This little boutique hotel is located in one of my favorite areas of Rome (just north of Piazza Navona) on a charming and quite little street. It was incredibly clean with a modern white and black décor scheme. Although small, the rooms had air conditioning, modern appliances and bathrooms, and comfortable beds. The staff, though limited, was helpful and friendly. Overall, I really enjoyed my stay and the price was great for peak season in Rome. So far this little hotel is the best value for your money I have found in Rome.

While in Rome, I also checked out a couple other boutique hotels in person that I had uncovered online through diligent research.

Don’t let the name fool you; Mama’s Home Rome is a very chic and modern boutique hotel near Campo di Fiori. This is next on my list to stay at in Rome. One of the rooms even has an old clawfoot tub in the room! Like the previous hotel, there are very few rooms, but what rooms they do have are pretty spacious and offer all of the modern conveniences. They even told me extra soundproofing was added to the rooms to muffle the noises from the bustling square below. Not only is this hotel a great value, its location can’t be beat!

Just a bit outside the center of town towards the Vatican is the Nova – Casa 901. Although this hotel lacks the charm of the Laconda and individuality of Mama’s, Nova – Casa 901 offers minimally designed, spacious, and clean rooms. The location might seem removed, but it is near a metro stop, which means you can quickly get to all of the important sights. The neighborhood around the Vatican tends to be more residential and much less chaotic, making it a relaxing area to stay in.

D.O.M. is a Renaissance convent, turned aristocratic palace, turned hotel. It’s very chic with a modern design that seamlessly incorporates the building’s historical past with contemporary flairs. It has 18 unique rooms and a very nice rooftop terrace. Not only is the hotel gorgeous, it is located in the center of Rome, on one of the city’s most iconic streets – the Via Giulia. It is a bit too pricey for me to justify for a quick work/research trip, but perfect for a nice family or romantic vacation.

Hotel Raphael is another gorgeous and fancy boutique hotel with a fabulous rooftop terrace, not to mention the front of the hotel is encased in the thickest and most gorgeous flowering ivy. This hotel is definitely luxurious, I mean each elegant bathroom features a bathrobe, slippers, and courtesy set by Bulgari. I have never stayed here (again, out of my price-range) but I often frequent the terrace and they were more than happy to show me around when I inquired about the rooms. Save this experience for a special occasion, maybe a big anniversary, honeymoon, or, heck, when you want to really treat yourself.

On the other end of the luxury boutique hotel spectrum is the new Generator Hostel in Rome. However, don’t dismiss the Generator because of the word hostel. The Generator is part of a wave of new-age hostels popping up all over major European cities. These modern and well-designed “hostels” offer a variety of private and shared rooms. A private room at the new Rome Generator will cost you less than 80 euros even in the high season. Gone are the days of dirty and sketchy hostels. Generator hostels offer a clean and safe environment and cater to young travelers who are looking to socialize or simply enjoy all the modern amenities as a reasonable price.


Whether it’s a quick trip to Rome or a more relaxing getaway, I hope this helps you plan your next trip to Rome!
PS – I love! It is my favorite website for finding great hotels at the best price. I’ve used it all over Europe and I have yet to be disappointed!