Outfit: Ruffles Si Vous Plait

Unfortunately, this ruffled dress, like Chicwish in general, is great in theory (and a couple fun blog photos). In reality, it falls short in both quality and wearability. I had avoided ordering from Chicwish because I knew it was going to be cheaply made and poorly cut. But I kept seeing bloggers in Chicwish dresses and skirts looking great. I was also in Italy and desperately searching for feminine dresses.

At my low point, and despite my better judgement, I scrolled through their site and stumbled upon this ruffle-shoulder dress. This dress is a great idea. Who doesn’t love a ruffled, off-the-shoulder dress? But sadly it’s a cheap cotton poplin, which arrived super wrinkled (I had to steam it four times). On top of the poor fabric, the dress has zero shape (and don’t get me started on the weird boob seam, you would have to be positively flat chested for it to lay right). Basically the dress is a sack with a tie around the waist, which is fine if you are a tall and straight model/blogger. When you are a “hanger” (as I like to say) getting dressed is easy, everything looks good so you can get away with cheaper clothing. Sure, I can make the dress look cute for some blog photos, but the reality is that it’s too short and ill fitting on me to wear as anything more than a cover-up in some tropical destination.

This will be the last item I order from Chicwish. As much as I wish I could wear anything, the reality is that I just can’t. I still love the ruffled shoulder and off-the-shoulder silhouettes, I just need to invest in a higher-quality version. I have linked some of the other styles that I have my eye on below.

Has anyone had better luck with Chicwish?

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  1. Bummer. Looks cute, but I can see some extra fabric in unwanted places – and it must have been hard choosing the right undergarments. That dress is thin! Well done, you!

  2. My initial reaction to these photos was "yes, yes, yes!" Love the look of the ruffled dress (thanks for your honest opinion about the quality, though!), it looks great paired with the hat, your hair is perfectly curly/wavy, and the red lips add that perfect pop. Too bad you won't be able to utilize the dress in your everyday "real" life, but thanks for styling it up in your blog life 🙂

    Sweet Spontaneity

  3. I appreciate how in-depth you go with this review because, I agree, it is so easy to get sucked into the hype of a site when you see so many bloggers posting gorgeous pictures. You are so right on the money when you describe the dress as "great in theory, terrible in practice" because I can see what they were trying to go for (and it's cute!) but in terms of actual practicality…not so much. I have heard mixed things about Chicwish and word is that the accessories are not too bad?

    this sojourner

  4. I know, I was so sad. I loved the overall look, which is why I still took the photos, but I had to be honest about the fit and quality. I wish I could find this dress in a better version!

  5. Good to know about the accessories, thanks! I wish this dress had worked, but c'est la vie. It is easy to lose site of practicality with fashion blogs sometimes.

  6. I've actually had some luck with SheIn.com. They actually have the same dresses at a discount from Chicwish on there. I think if you're going to give it a try, might as well go cheap if you're gonna get cheap. I had a couple of cute feminine dress finds! Good luck in your search for better quality. And I may have to steal the term "hanger". Haha good one 🙂


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