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Outfit: The Bow Shoulder

I have pretty much worn this dress once a week since Jen made it for me (did you notice the bows we added to the shoulders?). In the hot summer months, it is so nice to have an easy dress that you can throw on for any occasion without overheating.

At the beginning of summer, I wore it in Paris with a denim jacket, and in Florence, I paired with my favorite hat to protect against the relentless sun. I have to say, I am really looking forward to three weeks of air conditioning in the States. It has been a very sweaty summer!

Alyssa (of Alyssa’s Adventures) and I took these snaps early one morning a couple weeks ago. It is about the only time of day I can handle being outside with my hair down and makeup on. In the peak of summer I always advise tourists to get up early and see as much as possible before noon. Then break for lunch and siesta your way through the hottest part of the day. It is the only way to survive!

Unfortunately, everything here was either purchased or made in Florence. Of course, you can order from Suite (via Etsy) state-side, and in addition, I have link some fun similar styles and boater hats below.

Happy Monday