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Vacationing in the States

August in Italy is dead. Well, in the cities at least. You will find all of the Italians on the beach or on vacation, because it’s “ferragosto.” The term ferragosto is derived from the Latin expression “Feriae Augusti” or Augustus’ rest. In ancient Rome, this was a celebration introduced by the emperor Augustus in 18 BC. It celebrated the harvest and marked the end of a period of intense agricultural labor. So since ancient times, August has been a period of rest.

Even today, the Italians take this seriously. August is for fun, relaxing, and, definitely, not for working. So I will be taking my ferragosto, or vacation, in the states (since the archive is closed for the entire month). Even now that feels weird to type – I am vacationing in the States lol.

As you read this I am probably well on my way over the Atlantic Ocean. And I have big plans for my vacation – breakfast (so. much. breakfast.), American coffee, Thai food (and Mexican food and Indian food), shopping, trashy American TV, soaking up the air conditioning, reveling in efficiency, sandy beaches, and spending time with friends and family. I can’t wait to vacation at home! But don’t worry, I still have plenty of blog posts lined up and plan on featuring some of my favorite Tampa spots.

What are your plans for August? Don’t you wish you could take an entire month off? Because, I could definitely get used to this!