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Wear Now // Wear Later: Peasant Blouse

There is nothing better than an article of clothing that can transition through seasons. I wouldn’t say that the 70’s were my favorite decade for fashion, but I must admit that I like a good peasant blouse, flare jeans, and fringe bag every once in a while.

I found this peasant top at Anthropologie just the other day. I was immediately attracted to the gorgeous colors. I was sold, however, when I realized that I could pair it with shorts, sandals, and a straw hat for late summer (and for some exciting travel plans I have coming up), and I could also embrace that 70’s vibe and wear it this fall with boots and flared jeans.

Boho silhouettes aren’t the easiest thing for a busty girl to wear, but if you invest in a well-cut peasant blouse with just the right pattern, you can really elongate your frame with longer flared jeans and boots. Even though 70’s-style influences seem to reappear every couple years, the 70’s vibe is very strong this fall. What are your thoughts on this trend, love it or leave it?