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11 Things You Must Do in Cappadocia

1) Relax in a Turkish Bath
I don’t think I need to explain this one. Turkish baths are famous for a reason, just do it!

2) Explore Ihlara Valley
Not only is the valley gorgeous, but it is filled with interesting cut rock cave-dwellings and old Byzantine churches.

3) See the Fairy Chimneys
Truly marvels of nature, these little geological wonders shouldn’t be missed!

4) Ride in a Hot Air Balloon at Sunrise
This is totally worth the early morning and steep price tag. Sailing high above Cappadocia’s out-of-this-world landscape is an incredible experience.

5) Scale the Uchisar Castle
Not only is the castle historically interesting, but its position on a hill overlooking the valley below offers great panoramic views (especially at sunset).

6) Explore an Underground City
I recommend Kaymakli, it has four levels that you can explore. Just be warned many of the passageways are very small and narrow.

7) See the Byzantine Churches of the Goreme Open Air Museum
This open air museum has lots to explore, but the rock-cut Byzantine churches are a must-see.

8) Watch 100 Hot Air Balloons Rise at Sunrise from Uchisar
In addition to riding in one, you should also see this amazing sight from below. I found the best vantage point was from the Uschisar hill (next to the Castle).

9) Walk the Silk Road and See a Caravanserai 
Walk in the footsteps of thousands of years of history. The ancient routes that connected Europe to Asia still exist in many places, as do the caravanserai (where trades would stop to rest, refuse, and trade).

10) Stay in a Cave Hotel
Staying in a traditional cave hotel is a must and I highly recommend Kale Konack.

11) Eat a Pottery Kebab and Drink Apple Tea
Pottery Kebabs are a local Cappadocian speciality (and the term kebab is used for all meat dishes). They slow-cook veggies and/or lamb in traditional clay pots. After simmering all day, the dish is sealed with bread dough and fired at a higher heat. To eat, they break open the clay pot and pour the deliciousness on to your fresh plate of rice. It’s amazing! And don’t forget to drink lots of apple tea.

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