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The Best Work Bag (Ever)

dress (old, similar here and here) // blazer (old, here and here) // glasses via Ditto // shoes (old, similar) // c/o Dagne Dover tote // pencil case

It is no secret that I love Dagne Dover’s totes. Simply put, they are bags that work for working women. Never in my life have I had a bag so well made and designed. They have thought about everything – how to secure your electrics, a convenient clip on card case for public transport, and pockets for everything (from your water bottle to your business cards). Even the straps are padded for comfort.

My first Dagne Dover tote was the large 15-Inch Tote (seen here). This was the first generation of Dagne totes. Not only was I impressed by the quality and design of the bag, but the company was incredibly attentive. When they asked for my feedback – my only complaint was that the bag, when filled, was quite heavy – they listened. I swear each new version is lighter than the last.

My next Dagne Tote was the Tiny Tote (seen here and here). I was looking for something small and convenient for my travels in Europe and this little guy certainly did the trick. In Florida the detachable card case was lost on me, but boy did I love it in London and Paris!

I have to admit, however, that this, my most recent Dagne tote, is my all-time favorite. The 13-Inch Tote is slightly smaller and much lighter than my original 15-Inch, yet still holds everything I need for work and travel. The padded straps are the perfect length and saves my shoulder when hauling books. And unlike the 15-Inch, these straps fold down, which makes storing them under the seat on airplanes so much easier. Not to mention this blush color is gorgeous!

Have you tried Dagne Dover yet? I got a sneak peak at some of their spring arrivals and they are gorgeous!