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What is Valentine’s Day?

I will be featuring this gorgeous lace dress next week – It looks like BCBG but is half the price!

You might think that I am anti-Valentine’s Day because I don’t have a significant other, or because it’s a Hallmark holiday. Nope. I don’t like Valentine’s Day because it competes with my birthday, which is clearly the more important holiday… kidding, mostly.

Because my birthday falls the day before the day of love, I am forever fighting for reservations for my favorite places to celebrate. And friends often already have plans with their significant others. I particularly hate with V-Day falls on a Sunday, because then everyone wants to celebrate the day before. I know, I know, the struggle is real lol. 
I am not sure if it’s just because my birthday is the day before, but I have never really been that into Valentine’s Day. I think the history is interesting, but the modern-day holiday has never excited me. Although, spending Valentine’s Day in Verona last year was a really neat experience. Talk about a celebration of love.
I guess it is nice that the candy industry is in full swing for my big day.
This year I am keeping my birthday low key, just a fun night out with girl friends and some birthday brunching. I guess you could say we are ready to paint the town rose… or better yet rosé!
PS – Speaking of Kate Spade, their presentation is today. I can’t wait to see what they show!