Seeing Stripes

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I own and wear far too many stripes. Then again, is it even possible to have too many stripes? I think not. I scooped up these colorful striped shorts a couple weeks ago (and now they are on sale!). I knew spring would not last long here in Florida and summer was coming.

While I love shorts, they are basically formal wear down here lol, I have to restrict how many I allow myself to buy. Because shorts just aren’t super useful for my summer travels. In general, Italians/Europeans wear fewer shorts, and so many religious sites have dress codes that forbid shorts (for both men and women FYI). So while there are a ton of cute shorts that I am currently lusting over, like these, I will have to content myself with these pretty stripes… for now.

I also added this gorgeous panama hat to my growing hat lady collection. I love the crisp white detail against the rich, golden straw. Finally, I completed this bright and cheery look with my favorite lemon crossbody.

Happy Monday everyone!

Oh and PS, congrats to Jessica who won the Dagne Dover giveaway!


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  1. I'm glad someone else loves Panama hats as much as I do! You should do a little posts on packing hats for trips. I feel like it takes some finesse to make sure they make it through intact. I'm also sorry you don't have an excuse to buy those CM shorts, because they're pretty adorable. Guess you'll have to buy all the gingham dresses and skirts instead!

    jess | bowsandbouquets

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