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Paris is Always a Good Idea

There is a reason they say that Paris is always a good idea… because it is! And I will take any excuse to go. It is one of my all-time favorite places to visit. You can find more of my Paris posts here.

I was a little late purchasing my ticket to Italy this year (I have to wait for the university to purchase it if I don’t want to go out of pocket), so when it finally came time to book there weren’t a lot of good flights left. Most of my options had me laying over in Paris for eight hours or more. Long layovers seem like such a waist to me (and also they are miserable), so when I realized that Kelly and I were actually going to be in Paris at the same time, I decided to turn my layover into a stop over.

I was still, however, stuck taking the early flight into Paris. What is the early flight you ask? Well, most trans-Atlantic flights are timed so you fly overnight and arrive the next day around late-morning or mid-day. This flight, unfortunately, left at 3:30 pm and arrived in Paris at 5:45 am (that’s 11:45 for my internal clock). So instead of just having to power through a half day before getting to crash, I had to stay awake an additional full day. I did it, but it wasn’t pretty. As hard as it is, throwing yourself into local time is the key to avoiding jet lag (you can read more of my jet lag tips here).

Not only did I arrive super early, but it was a Sunday. I basically had Paris all to myself for several hours. It was great, although so chilly! According to my phone, I strolled almost ten miles before getting to check in to my hotel! Eventually, I did check in, enjoyed my favorite falafel in the Marais, and met up with Kelly and her husband to see the Eiffel Tower and get dinner.

As always, Paris was worth every minute of sleep deprivation.

Au revoir!