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Peasantly Cool

c/o top // hat // sunnies // bag (similar) // shorts (old, love these) // c/o sandals

It is about this time every summer that I start complaining about Florence’s relentless, sticky heat. To be fair, this summer has been extremely mild compared to previous summers, especially last year. Of course, mild is still 95 degrees, 100% humidity, and virtually zero air conditioning. Hence the complaining.

Fortunately, I have a go-to look for such weather — airy peasant top and shorts. I am sure you have heard people advise not to pack shorts for Europe. They have half a point. If you are touring churches and sightseeing, shorts can be tricky. But if you are just sweating your way through a Saturday in Florence (like me), they are perfectly acceptable.

I received this peasant top and these pompom sandals from Goodnight Macaroon. I have to say I was pleasantly (or should I say peasantly) surprised by the quality of both. I did receive two dresses that I wasn’t so impressed by (this one is cute but the fabric is very thin, and this one was a polyester sack on me), but it seems most of the items actually exceed my expectations (I love this dress). Especially these pompom sandals. Italy is rough on shoes but these have held up very well and are shockingly comfortable.

If you follow me on Snapchat (HinHH) and Instagram, then you know that I actually left Florence yesterday. *wipes tear*

As bitter sweet as it is to leave, I have to admit I was ready this year. I was not getting a lot of writing done in my cave-like, moldy apartment. I am ready to get home and be productive (I found a couple pretty amazing documents in the archive that I am pumped to include in my dissertation). But first, I am heading to Barcelona to meet up with my mom for a cruise. We haven’t seen each other in a while and I am looking forward to some quality time together, that is if we don’t kill each other trapped on a boat together lol.