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Dumbo + Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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What to do in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

When you think of hipsters the first place that comes to mind is Brooklyn. It is the birthplace of the subculture, or at least where it was first identified and given a name. Young professionals and artists began moving into (and gentrifying) Brooklyn neighborhoods as rent in Manhattan priced them out of the market. It became a center for young, trendy creatives and important cultural innovations like the Rainbow Bagel. Williamsburg is the butt of a lot of hipster jokes, but it has become synonymous for cool (all while trying to appear as if they don’t care about being perceived as cool, which is basically a new version of sprezzatura lol).

For all of my trips to NYC, I had never explored Brooklyn. But I have always been curious about the allure of Brooklyn, so I told Emily that this trip I definitely wanted to visit Williamsburg and Dumbo. I had to know what all of the fuss was about. Emily warned me that she did not love Brooklyn, and it may not live up to expectations. Yet, like a good friend she agreed to go. 
After a yummy French-inspired brunch at Le Coucou with a slew of our favorite fellow bloggers (Kate, Reed, and Caroline), the group headed to Dumbo to capture that iconic Instagram shot of the Manhattan Bridge from Washington St. Fair warning, you have to fight for this pic. The street is full of tourist all trying to snap the same picture. I tried getting everyone to agree to a civilized line, but it was everyone for themselves. 
After fighting for a tourist-free picture, Emily and headed to Williamsburg to explore a bit more and hunt for a great street mural we saw online. I have to be honest, I was not overly impressed by Brooklyn in general. Too much hype, I think. Yes, we discovered some great spots, like the hip coffee bar Devozion, the cocktail bar Hotel Delmano, the cafe House of Small Wonder, and the rooftop bar at Hotel McCarren, but overall it was not what I had pictured. We ended our day with a ferry ride from 6th Street to Pier 11 (near Wall Street). The ride takes you under the Brooklyn Bridge and gives you great views of the city.
Even though I thought both neighborhoods were a bit oversold, it was still a great day and I was happy I finally experienced Brooklyn. 
What are your thoughts on Brooklyn?