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You Are What You Carry







You can tell a lot about a women from her handbag. Is it a statement piece or a classic? Bright and bold or neutral? Large or micro? Organized or a mess?

Personally, I hate a messy and disorganized handbag. It makes me feel like my entire life is in disarray. And there is nothing worse that being in a hurry or having your hands full while searching a bottomless abyss for your keys.

My love for organization led me to Dagne Dover a couple of years ago. If you have been reading here for a while, then my love of this amazing company will come as no surprise. But honestly, their bags just keep getting better! Not only have they completely re-designed their original signature line, but they have also introduced a neoprene collection and several new leather styles – like the Simone Satchel.

While I love my signature tote (nothing schleps books, papers, and my laptop across campus better), I wanted something sleeker for my last conference in Chicago. Not that the tote isn’t sleek, but it is large and designed to carry everything. For a conference, I needed something that could still carry my laptop and some work essentials, but that could also double as a chic purse.

It was love at first sight with my Simone (c/o). Not only does it have Dagne’s signature organizational system, it has a streamlined shape that sits comfortably under the shoulder — not to mention that gorgeous blue color! It worked perfectly for the conference and I was constantly stopped and asked about it.

What is your favorite Dagne Dover bag?