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I Have a Secret





You may have noticed that recently I have really stepped up my style game. A Red Valentino dress here, a Tibi Dress there, and a sprinkling of some Tory Burch. You might be wondering, “did she win the lottery.” Nope! I am still a budget-conscious grad student, but I have recently discovered one of fashion’s best kept secrets — Rent the Runway Unlimited.

Now, I must give my friend Jess credit for my introduction to Rent the Runway Unlimited. Obviously, I had heard of Rent the Runway before, but I associated it with rentals for special occasions. Their unlimited program, however, gives you unfettered access to an amazing closet full of great designers. With your monthly payment of $139 you get three items at a time. You can rotate them as you please, keeping an item for a week or a month (however long you like)! When you are finished, you simply ship the item back in one of their pre-paid garment bags, and select your next piece! So simple, so easy, and so fun.

In my first month alone, I wore a white Rebecca Minkoff dress, a navy Tory Burch shift, a flowy Rebecca Taylor dress, two stunning Red Valentino dresses, and this lovely lilac Milly number. That’s well over $2,000 of designer fashion for less than I would typically pay for one new dress!

But here is the best part – not only can I afford to wear amazing designers with this program, I can also reduce the amount of money and clothing I waste! I love fashion. It is a hobby that brings a lot of joy to my life. But, let’s face it, this hobby also creates a lot of unnecessary spending and waste in my life. Now I can have all the thrill of shopping the latest and greatest fashions without the waste!

I am pretty sure we are going to be seeing a lot more of programs like this in future. Are you on board?