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The Best Way to See Capri





As I mentioned in my last post, our trip to the Amalfi Coast a couple weekends ago was a bit last minute. Because of this, we had planned to keep it simple. But as soon as we arrived, I was already regretting not trying to arrange more.

Fore example, we were just going to catch the ferry out to the Island of Capri and walk around a bit. This is not necessarily a bad way to see Capri, but it definitely does not give you the full Capri experience.

You cannot just see Capri by land, you also need to see it by sea! Since this trip might be Kate’s first and last trip to the island (here is hoping it isn’t), we decided to call my incredibly-talented travel agent/Italian vacation guru/friend Cassandra. Sure enough Cassandra saved the day and arranged an amazing and affordable boat trip to, from, and around the island. You read about the other incredible Amalfi adventure Cassandra arranged for me here.

I say that you have to see Capri by sea as well as land because what is the point of visiting this magical island if you don’t see its most famous sights — the blue, green, and white grottos and the famed Faraglioni rocks!

Our semi-private boat (complete with a cute and flirty Italian captain and skipper lol) picked us up from the port in Sorrento. Not only did we save money on the ferry, but we also saved time and had a much more enjoyable transport to Capri. The boat dropped us off in the main port so we could explore. Kate and I did a bit of hiking to take in the stunning views from Annacapri, before heading down for a relaxing seaside lunch on the Marina Piccola. After lunch, we returned to the port where bottles of prosecco, our boat, and crew awaited us.

With prosecco in hand we headed out for our boat cruise around the island. Sadly the seas were a bit rough so the blue grotto was closed, but we saw all of the other stunning grottos. The finale of the cruise was the ceremonial pass through the Faraglioni rocks. It is tradition that you must kiss your love as you pass through. Kate and I gave the cute skipper a peck on the cheek. After a bit more sunbathing, drinking, and laughing we headed back towards Sorrento.

I wore my favorite Trina Turk swimsuit, which is miraculously flattering, comfortable, and doubles perfectly as a cute top. Naturally, I needed something with lemons for a day in Capri and I found this amazing lemon print wrap skirt from Show Me Your Mumu. The look transitioned perfectly from sea to land, and back to sea.

If you are planning a trip to Capri you really should spend the money and take the time to plan a boat cruise/tour. It is immensely more enjoyable and flexible than the ferry. I also highly recommend booking through someone like Cassandra at Travel Italian Style who can help you select a reputable vendor and arrange everything in advance for you.

You can learn more about Cassandra and Travel Italian Style here.