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Dagne Dover Petite Tote




If you have been reading here long enough, then you are well aware of my love of Dagne Dover bags. I purchased my first DD work bag in 2013 and I was immediately impressed with both the quality of company and the product. Over the years I have developed a fabulous relationship with Dagne Dover. I have visited their showroom in NYC several times and they even send me new styles, patterns, and colors to try out!

One thing I love about Dagne Dover is that while they sell an already incredible product (no one does organization like they do), they are always looking for new ways to improve and innovate. They take customer feedback very seriously and are constantly making their bags even more functional. Case in point the Tiny Tote, which has recently been updated and improved, and renamed the Petite Tote.

At first, I was skeptical of the Tiny’s redesign. I loved my Tinies. They had traveled Paris, Budapest, New York, and L.A. with me (just to name a few). When I travel, I like to go with the smallest bag I can get away with, and the Tiny fit the bill. While the Tiny was pretty much perfect, it was just a hair too small to fit my camera (I travel with my Sony A7 and this lens).

Last time I was in NYC, the fab ladies at Dagne were showing me the new line and all the improvements they had made. That’s when they broke the news to me — the Tiny was no more, she was now the Petite Tote. Turns out Dagne made a great product even better. They added just enough to bag’s dimensions that it retains its cute and “tiny” shape, but it can now hold more, including my camera. They also made the bag lighter without sacrificing the quality of the coated canvas, which is the best material to travel with since it does not scratch or stain easily.

The small but mighty Petite Tote holds everything I need for a day of exploring or working with students. I can fit my keys, wallet, cell, a couple lipsticks, extra camera battery, and my camera. I love that it has both the top handles and shoulder strap so I can carry it in different ways throughout the day. And let’s talk about this Jasmine color, gorgeous! It is the same color as my Simone Satchel. It’s one of those perfect pale blues that can add a bit of color to your look or function as a neutral with a bright red dress.

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