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For Love and Lemons (and Florence)






I know I haven’t featured much of my beloved Florence this summer on the blog. I have been traveling quite a bit and have taken the opportunity to feature more of Rome, the Amalfi Coast, and some of my other favorite Italian cities. But, don’t worry I still love Florence!

Having spent so many years in Florence, I find that sometimes I don’t appreciate this stunning city as much as I should. That said, there are still a handful of places in the city that continue to astound me every time I see them, like the gorgeous Bardini Garden.

I actually prefer the Bardini to the more famous and frequented Boboli Gardens. The Bardini Garden is quieter, features more flowers (in season), and offers a stunning view of Florence and her famous duomo.

Another thing that I love? For Love and Lemons. This brand came to my attention this spring. I found myself loving every piece they were releasing for spring and summer — everything was so feminine with intricate romantic details. Despite my initial love of the brand, however, I held off purchasing since I did not have any reference on the fit or quality. But, I decided to take the plunge when I found this top. I actually had to pre-order it and hope it would arrive before I departed for Europe. Obviously, it did!

I was pleasantly surprised by both the fit and quality of the shirt. I love the cropped and gathered silhouette paired with long bell-sleeves and this light, almost sheer, gorgeous burnt floral silk. This top has definitely given me cause to try more of For Love and Lemons (also loving the name, because as you know, I am lemon-obsessed). Although, based on the styles and cuts of many of the brand’s pieces, I fear some of their silhouettes will not be flattering for us busty ladies. In fact since this top was cropped, I sized up to a medium to ensure a better fit. But, I definitely plan on adding more of this brand into my closet when I return state-side.