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The Ruffle Cropped Pant





You have probably noticed that I don’t exactly wear a lot of pants. I have never really liked them. In fact, there was a period in middle school that I flat out refused to wear pants, even jeans. My argument was that they were so uncomfortable and skirts were far more agreeable. I pretty much stand by this still today.

While I have come around to jeans, I still gravitate to skirts over pants. I find skirts more comfortable, easier to wear, and more flattering. I do, however, make exceptions when warranted. These pants are one such exception.

I tried them on a whim while shopping the new arrivals at Club Monaco. My first thought was that they looked super comfortable and I loved the cropped ruffle hem, but I seriously doubted if I could pull them off. Cropped ruffle-hemmed pants are going to be all the rage this fall, but it is not always the easiest look for petite women to pull off, especially in a bold pattern. I was shocked when I tried them on and loved them! Not only are they as comfy as they look, but they are surprisingly flattering and easy to style. I plan on wearing them with a black blazer for work.

To ensure they did not shorten my already short frame, I wore them with my new nude, pointy-toe Melissa mules. Not to beat a dead horse here, but don’t let the fact that these shoes are plastic PVC deter you. They look super stylish, are virtually indestructible, and feel like you are walking on little pillows. Melissa sent these to me a couple weeks ago with a bunch of other new fall styles. The nude doesn’t seem to be available online yet, but the black is here. If you are looking for nude specifically, I also love these.

What are your thoughts on the cropped-ruffle hem for fall?