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An Excuse to Redecorate

While moving is stressful and utterly exhausting, it is also the perfect excuse to purge your belongings and refresh your decor.

Most of my furniture in Florida was hand-me-down or DIY Ikea hacks, meaning the cost of moving everything to Georgia exceeded its value. Not to mention Ikea furniture doesn’t exactly move well. So, I decided to purge. I actually love getting rid of things and simplifying my life. But, despite my natural proclivity to expel clutter, I was shocked at just how much crap I had accumulated in my Tampa apartment! After a solid week of cleaning, sorting, and purging, I was able to fit everything in two car loads to Georgia.

Of course, getting rid of almost everything meant that I had some serious furniture shopping and decorating to do for my new place (I love my new apartment by the way)! My new job and move happened so quickly that I did not have much time to think about any sort of decor scheme. So, I just started scanning Pinterest and my favorite decor websites like crazy. Not knowing where to begin, I started with trying to find a couch. Why is finding a well-made couch at a decent price so challenging? I ended up going with a gorgeous French-inspired tufted sofa from Lamps Plus of all places. They actually have a great selection at good prices, and lots of people online swear by their quality. Mine has not arrived just yet, but I promise to share my review when it does.

After spending a week obsessing over picking a single sofa, I decided to just start pinning anything I came across that I liked, figuring that some sort of pattern would emerge… and thankfully it did! Surprise, there is a lot of blue and gold. To help achieve a more cohesive look, I started a photoshop file where I could arrange the items and make sure everything worked together. This is a critical step for me. I need to be able to see everything together because pieces I thought were perfect, simply don’t work. It also helps me make difficult decisions. Decorating is, after all, a long-term and costly commitment!

I am still waiting for most of my furniture to arrive, but below is a collage of what I have (or planning) to order. I don’t want to brag, but I think I managed to find a lot of really chic and quality items for some really great prices! On that note, why are rugs and curtains so ridiculously expensive?

All prints are from my Etsy store, and the pillows are Caitlin Wilson.

If you have any great furniture and decor secrets an/or websites, please share! And be sure to follow along on Instagram stories if you want to see my decorating process in real time.